Hong Kong, China

  • Efficiency Unit: “For 20 years the Efficiency Unit has been working to help improve the quality and effectiveness of public services. We work both with individual agencies and also take a systemic view to identify areas where a change of approach to service provision can bring benefit. Innovation in design and business process has been a key tool in our repertoire. In recent years we have worked closely with the HK Design Institute and the Design School at HK Polytechnic University to apply design thinking and user-centred design processes to bring improvement through innovation to service delivery whether over-the-counter or online. To provide a sharing place for staff from different agencies to work with our team and external partners on development of ideas and prototypes for new or improved services we have created the IDEA (Innovate, Design, Experiment, Assess) space within our offices and are working to create a community of practice for service design innovation across the public service.”