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How can we help you innovate?

Innovation is a messy business. Here’s how we tackle it.


We believe that design-driven innovation is the best way to create and deliver great products, services and experiences. We can help you leverage methods from emergent fields like design thinking, service design and experience design. We are constantly learning and refining our skills. So we can help ourselves and others to become better innovators.

If you think there is a step-by-step formula for innovation, prepare to be disappointed. Innovation is hard. It’s messy in both process and outcomes. But it’s magical when it works.

From our experience, we have seen there are 3 steps that are part of every innovation journey. And we have practices and tools that can help you advance through them (often again and again until the magic happens). Here are just a few of the tools and methods we use.



Prepare brief or challenge
Service Safari
Customer Journey Maps
Expectation Maps
Theory of Change
Target Group
SWOT Analysis
Question Ladder
Promises and Potential Map
People and Connections Map
Interview Guide
Experience Maps
Causes Diagram
Building Partnerships Map
Customer Jobs/Pains/Gains
Contextual Interviews



How Might We?
Generative Questions
Co-Creation Sessions
Value Mapping
Thinking Hats
Innovation Flowchart
Improvement Triggers
Fast Idea Generator
Evidence Planning
Creative Workshops
Value Proposition Design
Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG)



Prototype Building
Prototype Testing Plan
Service Blueprints
Scaling Plan
Marketing Mix
Learning Loop
Critical Tasks List
Business Plan
Business Model Canvas
Value Proposition Canvas
Minimum Viable Product
Fail Fast Models
Customer Lifecycle Maps

What our clients say about us

  • “It’s a very lively environment to share ideas and be creative without stress.”
    Claudio RosaItaly
  • “Enjoyed everyone coming together to share ideas!”
    Tshala GordonUSA
  • “It was refreshing and inspiring to share a day with such bright minds! Thank you for making it possible! WOW!”
    Lorrayre PorciunculaBrazil
  • “Opportunity. Sharing. Contribution.”
    Deepak MathewsIndia/Switzerland
  • “Great opportunity for networking, sharing ideas and contributing.”
    Katrin RiesnerGermany
  • “4 words for feedback: passion, creativity, sharing, future! Thanks a lot.”
    Benoit MartinettiSwitzerland
  • “A superb event of co-creation & using our beautiful organs of intelligence. Excellent organisation & planning. Thank you & enjoy.”
    Nicola LazzariItaly
  • “Fun & inspiring day! Lots of great ideas!”
    Laura KangasFinland
  • “Inspiring. Good ideas.”
    Alexis BourgeoisSwitzerland
  • “I loved to learn and share my ideas with other amazing young people.”
    Gaëtan NoverrazSwitzerland
  • “I want to congratulate you for putting together this event and for giving us a space in which to exchange ideas. Thank you! Gracias!”
    Carlos CruzSpain
  • “I appreciate that you gave us the opportunity to share ideas on the UN's new Millennium Development Goals.”
    Ricardo Sanchez TorresMexico
  • “Thank you for giving us the opportunity to take part in this platform. We’re glad to contribute to world development.”
    Nassine IbikounleBenin
  • “Thank you...for the fun!!! Hope to participate more!!!!”
    Raquel MendesBrazil
  • “A great opportunity to address issues that I deeply care about. Thank you!”
    Nicolas HeidrichSwitzerland/USA/Germany
  • “It’s practical discussions and brainstorming. I hope that would happen to change the world one day! Thank you.”
    Meiling SuChina
  • “This was a great way to share thoughts and points of view and get ideas flowing. Thanks a lot!”
    Edda MontesMexico
  • “Loved meeting & sharing ideas with talented young people. Thank you for the opportunity to get involved!”
    Ashley LeeCanada
  • “Thank you for giving us this platform to express ourselves and contribute to global decision-making.”
    Malacci OhrtGhana
  • “I enjoyed today’s workshop as I could share lots of great ideas about innovation with lots of young people.”
    Minji KwakSouth Korea
  • “Wonderful youth day!”
    Elemida ShkarpaAlbania
  • “Young people need to be empowered and included in the decision making process. This workshop is an opportunity to hear the voice of young people.”
    Owaseye OluwaseyiNigeria
  • “It was a pleasure to be here and have the opportunity to engage in such a constructive discussion with other young people.”
    Carla Cairos Da Silva
  • “It was an awesome summit!”
    Paulina PlotkeMoscow, Russia
  • “Wonderful experience exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge in shaping the world we live in with people from all over the world!”
    Anita SandanaIndia/Vietnam
  • “Challenge: acknowledging the limitations of current processes and thinking outside-of-the-box for and with those outside this room.”
    Roxana RaduRomania