Innovation by Design Boot Camp


April 22, 23 & 24 2015

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA


Dates: April 22, 23 & 24 2015
Location: Skysong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center
City: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Our Innovation by Design Boot Camp is open to applicants from startups, small businesses, well-established companies, the public sector and non-profits who are trying to drive innovation in their organizations. It’s for those who already “get it” that design isn’t just about making things beautiful; it’s also about making things work beautifully for your clients.

In this highly interactive 3-day workshop, we’ll teach you processes and methods to turn insights into opportunities by gaining deeper insights into your customer needs, how to come up with creative ideas that address them, and using iterative prototyping, deliver solutions balancing what is technologically feasible with customer desirability and business opportunity.

Our Innovation by Design Boot Camp is grounded in learning by doing. You’ll be assigned a real-world practical challenge that you’ll tackle through actual field research, ideation and prototyping using techniques from emergent fields like design thinking, service design and experience design. We’ll put you in friendly competition with other teams to deliver your solution that will be judged by a panel of expert judges on the final day.

The number of participants is restricted to maintain a low student/coach ratio. Reduced rates for small teams from the same organization are available. The Innovation by Design Boot Camp will take place at Skysong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center. Any questions? Contact us.



Until 1 March 2015
($2497 after 1 March 2015)


Includes 3 days of interactive training in innovation by design processes and methods PLUS

  • Course Materials and Methods Canvases
  • Continental Breakfast and Lunch each day
  • Networking with like-minded innovators, design thinkers and service designers
  • Completion certificate from the International Institute for Innovation


Boot Camp Leader: Robert Shaw

Robert Shaw has extensive international experience as a digital strategist and innovator with wide-ranging experience bridging the information technology, communications and Internet industries. His current activities are focused on the intersection of creativity, design, innovation and entrepreneurship. As CEO and Founder of the International Institute for Innovation, he is passionate about advancing the practice of innovation whether at an individual, team or organizational level.


Why Should I Attend?


You know that you need to be more innovative but struggle with how to do it in practice

You realize that survival in an era of rapid technological change and constant market disruption means that you must engage in continuously innovating and redesigning your business.

You feel that you have lost touch with what your customers really want.

We introduce you to human-centric processes and methods that help you shift your emphasis from products and services to users and what they are seeking as experiences.

You need a new approach to identify unmet customer needs and business opportunities.

We give you want hands-on experience using processes and methods drawn from the design-inspired fields of design thinking, service design and experience design.

You recognize that you can't change what you do without changing how you do it.

If you want to innovate faster than your rivals, you’re going to have to change the way you structure your work and teams. Learn techniques for facilitating creative collaborations and who to (and who not to) involve.


You want to foster more of an entrepreneurial (intrapreneurial) spirit in your organization

Learn from the experiences of first-mover companies why encouraging intrapreneurship is a challenge, what you can do about it and the organizational changes that need to take place.

Understand why prototyping is important

Learn how prototyping and building minimal viable products and services to test assumptions is important in the diverge/converge innovation by design cycle.

Everything is up for disruption

Almost every industry is vulnerable to upstarts who leverage technology to redefine and reshape businesses. The half life of companies has dropped dramatically in the last few years and the price of inaction is higher than you think.

You'll come away with design-led innovation resources, templates and canvases

All participants will take away a set of useful resources and done-for-them templates that can help them put into practical use their experience at the boot camp.

Sample Program

 8:00 AM Breakfast
 8:30 AM Day 1 Welcome & Objectives
 9:00 AM Introduction to Innovation by Design
 10:00 AM Break
 10:30 AM Innovation Challenge Brief
 11:00 AM Team Forming & Discovery Interviews
 12:00 PM Lunch
 1:00 PM Field Research
 3:00 PM Break
 3:30 PM Team Synthesis
 5:00 PM Team & Group Debriefs
 6:00 PM Drinks
 7:00 PM Close
 8:00 AM Breakfast
 8:30 AM Day 2 Welcome
 9:00 AM Ideation: Methods
 10:00 AM Break
 10:30 AM Ideation Session
 12:00 PM Lunch
 1:00 PM Ideation Techniques
 3:00 PM Break
 3:30 PM Team Synthesis & Prototype Building
 5:00 PM Team and Group Debriefs
 6:00 PM Close
 8:00 AM Breakfast
 8:30 AM Day 3 Welcome
 9:00 AM Team Activity
 10:00 AM Break
 10:30 AM Storytelling
 11:00 AM Demos & Cross-Team Critiques
 12:00 PM Lunch
 1:00 PM Team Prototype Finalization
 3:00 PM Break
 3:30 PM マネーの虎/Dragon’s Den/Shark Tank Pitch
 5:00 PM Winner Announced
 6:00 PM Drinks and Certificate Award
 7:00 PM Close


SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center, is home to a global business community that links technology, research, education and entrepreneurship to position ASU and Greater Phoenix as global leaders in the knowledge economy.

Organized around a central plaza with a signature shade structure, SkySong is a 1.2 million-square-foot mixed-use development located on a 42-acre campus in Scottsdale. A joint venture among Arizona State Univrsity (ASU), the ASU Foundation, the City of Scottsdale and the Plaza Companies, SkySong is three miles from ASU’s research-intensive Tempe campus and 15 minutes from Phoenix’ Sky Harbor International Airport.

What our clients say about us

  • “Inspiring. Good ideas.”
    Alexis BourgeoisSwitzerland
  • “This was a great way to share thoughts and points of view and get ideas flowing. Thanks a lot!”
    Edda MontesMexico
  • “It was a pleasure to be here and have the opportunity to engage in such a constructive discussion with other young people.”
    Carla Cairos Da Silva
  • “Challenge: acknowledging the limitations of current processes and thinking outside-of-the-box for and with those outside this room.”
    Roxana RaduRomania
  • “It’s practical discussions and brainstorming. I hope that would happen to change the world one day! Thank you.”
    Meiling SuChina
  • “I want to congratulate you for putting together this event and for giving us a space in which to exchange ideas. Thank you! Gracias!”
    Carlos CruzSpain
  • “It’s a very lively environment to share ideas and be creative without stress.”
    Claudio RosaItaly
  • “Thank you for giving us this platform to express ourselves and contribute to global decision-making.”
    Malacci OhrtGhana
  • “I enjoyed today’s workshop as I could share lots of great ideas about innovation with lots of young people.”
    Minji KwakSouth Korea
  • “Thank you...for the fun!!! Hope to participate more!!!!”
    Raquel MendesBrazil
  • “It was refreshing and inspiring to share a day with such bright minds! Thank you for making it possible! WOW!”
    Lorrayre PorciunculaBrazil
  • “Opportunity. Sharing. Contribution.”
    Deepak MathewsIndia/Switzerland
  • “Enjoyed everyone coming together to share ideas!”
    Tshala GordonUSA
  • “Fun & inspiring day! Lots of great ideas!”
    Laura KangasFinland
  • “Wonderful youth day!”
    Elemida ShkarpaAlbania
  • “A superb event of co-creation & using our beautiful organs of intelligence. Excellent organisation & planning. Thank you & enjoy.”
    Nicola LazzariItaly
  • “It was an awesome summit!”
    Paulina PlotkeMoscow, Russia
  • “A great opportunity to address issues that I deeply care about. Thank you!”
    Nicolas HeidrichSwitzerland/USA/Germany
  • “Loved meeting & sharing ideas with talented young people. Thank you for the opportunity to get involved!”
    Ashley LeeCanada
  • “Great opportunity for networking, sharing ideas and contributing.”
    Katrin RiesnerGermany
  • “I loved to learn and share my ideas with other amazing young people.”
    Gaëtan NoverrazSwitzerland
  • “I appreciate that you gave us the opportunity to share ideas on the UN's new Millennium Development Goals.”
    Ricardo Sanchez TorresMexico
  • “Wonderful experience exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge in shaping the world we live in with people from all over the world!”
    Anita SandanaIndia/Vietnam
  • “Thank you for giving us the opportunity to take part in this platform. We’re glad to contribute to world development.”
    Nassine IbikounleBenin
  • “Young people need to be empowered and included in the decision making process. This workshop is an opportunity to hear the voice of young people.”
    Owaseye OluwaseyiNigeria
  • “4 words for feedback: passion, creativity, sharing, future! Thanks a lot.”
    Benoit MartinettiSwitzerland